80th 24 Hours of Le Mans is Officially underway

Photos & Words: Mike Juergens & Josh Decker

The 80th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans has been underway for just over an hour now and it was incredible to watch the 4 R18s cross the starting line and take off down the track towards the Dunlop Bridge. The first hour hasn’t been without incident as the #4 R18 ultra car was forced to return to the pits to address an issue with the rear suspension. While the #3 R18 ultra was forced to the pits with a rear left tire puncture. Andree Lotter in the #1 R18 etron quattro has set the fastest lap so far with a 3:26.302 18-minutes into the race. The Toyotas are unrelenting however Audi is keeping them in their place sitting 3rd and 4th. 

Current positions after 1h: 1 Audi etron quattro #1 2 Audi etron quattro #2 3 Toyota #7 4 Toyota #8 5 Audi R18 ultra #3 6 Lola-Toyota -1L 7 Lola-Toyota -1L 10 Audi R18 ultra #4 -1L

More pictures to come soon, check back!


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