Gallery: 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012 – 3 Hour Update

Photos & Words: Mike Juergens & Josh Decker

After 4 hours the Audi’s and Toyota’s have been trading 2, 3, 4 places back in forth as Audi has maintained it’s 1st place lead since the start. A minor issue with the #2 R18 etron quattro forced Tom Kristensen to the pits due to rear vibrations. There was a large peice of rubber logged in the suspension of the car which was quickly resolved. After the stop it forced the #2 car into 5th place. Other than the the car has been very clean so far with no or other accidents.

Current positions: 

No.1 Audi R18 etron quattro P1 
No.3 Audi R18 ultra P4 -1:22s 
No.2 Audi R18 etron quattro P5 – 1L 
No.4 Audi R18 ultra P6 -1L

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