Gallery: Audi is fastest in morning warmup at Le Mans

With the race just 4 hours away from beginning, Audi posted the top 4 times in warm up. Toyota is over a second off of pace. It is worth mentioning that it is extremely wet out there so it is apparent that none of the teams were pushing it very hard. Even still the track conditions caused the #1 car to have a minor off, into the muddy grass. You can see it below in the gallery covered in mud! We can’t wait for the start of the race! Follow us on Twitter for the most live and up to date feed from the race.

Result warm up:

1 Audi No.3 4.03,933
2 Audi No.2 4.05,178
3 Audi No.1 4.07,472
4 Audi No.4 4.07,507
5 Toyota No.7 4.08,580

Photos by Rusty Rae from be sure to check them out!

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