Gallery: 2013 New York International Auto Show


We posted our photos earlier this week from the launch of the Audi A3 Sedan at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). The A3 Sedan was noticeably absent from the show floors as the cars will be officially unveiled to the public at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 20th. However, the show floor was packed with the full current Audi lineup including the A6, A7, A8, Q5 and Q7 TDI. Sitting at the center of the display is a 550 hp Sepang Blue Matte Audi R8 V10 . 


The Q7, Q5, A7, A6 and A8 TDIs where prominently displayed. The Q7 is currently available and  the A8L TDI goes on sale shortly and the rest will start arriving at dealers in the fall. 


The 560 HP RS 7 was on display for only the 2nd time in North America after it’s debut in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show. It will go on sale in the fall. 


The high-revving RS 5 cabriolet was the 2nd RS car on display joining the RS 7. The cabrio goes on sale shortly and will be priced around $77,900. In Detroit the TT RS was on display but production has recently ended. 


This is the nVidia module that is powering the latest MMI system in the A3 Sedan and will eventually find it’s way into the rest of the line up. Replacing the common CPU with this nVidia GPU allows for much greater computational power. We can expect more features to take advantage of these powerful chips in the future.  


The Panther Black S Q5 was prominently displayed just in front of the R8. The 354 HP 3.0 TFSI launches the S Q5 to 60 in 5.3 seconds and will also be on sale in the fall.


With the allotment over for the TT RS, Audi instead choose to display a TT S Line Competition packed car. 

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