What It Takes To be an R8

Audi R8 V10 /Fahraufnahmen

A half-mile on the World Famous Nürburgring puts enough stress on a car to equal 9 miles of everyday driving. At its current distance, the Nordschleife is 12.93 miles of twists, turns, high, low speed sections and ever changing weather. At this rate running 1 full out lap of the 12.93 mile Nordschleife would be equal to 193.95 Miles of everyday driving. Audi engineers and race drivers have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours driving the Nordschleife to perfect the handling and performance of the 2014 R8. 

The racing version of the R8, the very successful R8 LMS, is a derivative of the road going car. The road and LMS versions share many components including the classis. I think it’s pretty incredible that the R8s overall endurance racing success and the streetcars success are due to the same group of people. It just proves again how special the Audi R8 is and will continue to be. 

Check out the video below:

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