Listen: Allan McNish on Audi’s Exit from Le Mans

Legendary Audi driver Allan McNish took an hour to appear on the Marshall Pruett Podcast recently and spoke to the eponymous host about his years racing in the French countryside and what the future holds.

Admittedly, just what McNish says is hard to decipher because he and the host apparently spoke through tin cans attached by a string, but it’s revealing all the same.

Pruett and McNish spend the early part of the hour-long podcast reminiscing about Audi’s days in LMP racing and lamenting the team’s departure therefrom.

They eventually move on to Audi’s future in Formula E, in which McNish will be intimately involved.

For what it’s worth, the three time Le Mans winner does sound genuinely excited about the competition and innovation that will come in the racing series when Audi (among other manufacturers) puts its full weight behind the series next year.

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