The one and only Audi A2 in Taiwan


The Audi A2 has been a popular choice among fans in Europe since its release back in 1999.  The A2 may be small, but its body is fully built on ASF.  The value of this Audi is definitely there and this is also why the pre-owned pricing of A2 is very consistent.  The A2 weighs approximately 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs) and is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission.  The heart of it is the 1.6 FSI engine and it is more than enough to make the A2 go!

The Audi A2 was never brought into Taiwan market, therefore many Audi fans in Taiwan aren’t aware of this little beauty.  The owner imported this 2003 A2 in himself making this the only Audi A2 in Taiwan.  QuattroWorld had the honor to check out this Audi up close and personal and it definitely gets attention!


The A2 has a little resemblance of an Audi TT, it’s like a small TT touring car and perfect for the city condition.  The owner did not just leave the car in stock form.  He gave the car even lighter weight to follow the Audi Ultra spirit.  To achieve more weight reduction, the front seats were changed to Tillett B5 carbon fiber racing seats with alcantara paddings.  Wheels are changed to Rays Engineering CE28N wheels and the brakes are upgraded to AP Racing CP5040 with 280mm discs.  The suspensions are changed to Bilstein B6 suspensions.  Even the battery was replaced and weighs only 6 kg.

Is this the end of the transformation?  Of course not!  The owner has more plans for this A2.  The future plan is to do an engine swap from 1.6 FSI to the 1.8T engine (upgraded with K04 turbo).  The ideal goal would be achieving 280hp to push the 1,000 kg A2 weight.  If this is done, this A2 will be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Modification List:
–       Tillett B5 seats x2
–       Rays CE28N wheels 15″ x 7J all around
–       AD08R 195/55/15 all around
–       Li-ion battery
–       AP Racing CP5040 calipers
–       AP Racing 280mm rotors
–       Bilstein B6 suspension

Future List:
–       1.8T AWP engine
–       02J 5-speed tranny
–       K04 turbo @ 1.5bar
–       EVC5 turbo controller


Gallery (Camera: Canon 1DX | Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM)



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