Audi: Next-Generation A4, Q7: Aluminum-Intensive

  • Next-generation Q7 will be as much as 880 pounds lighter.
  • Using 18 different aluminum alloys in the A8, some of which it formulated itself, and that strategy will continue
  • New A4 design has saved 100 kilograms, or 220 pounds

Declaring that “every gram matters,” Audi executives announced to journalists at a recent tech demonstration that the next A4, Q5 and Q7 will feature more lightweight materials and will therefore be significantly lighter than the vehicles they replace.

Most of the discussion centered around Audi’s MLB-EVO vehicle architecture that underpins most of their cars and around the next generation of the Audi Space Frame. We’ve seen the initial advances in the new A6 and A8, which are more aluminum-intensive than their predecessors and consequently lighter. With most of its lineup recently renewed, Audi’s focus now shifts to the next A4, which company executives declared will be “significantly lighter” than the current car.

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We are also expecting the Q7 to benefit from the Porsche parts bin and take advantage of the Cayenne’s new AWD system — which saves around 400 lbs depending on the configuration. The possibility of an aluminum Q7 paired with a highly efficient Diesel engine clears the way for Audi to dominate the luxury SUV market – Ed


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