Audi A7 is voted “Sexiest car on the road”

Recently AOL posted a poll asking readers to vote on what they thought was the sexiest car on the road. They were given 5 choices to pick from including the Audi A7, Mercedes Benz CLS, Porsche Panamera, Ferrari FF, and if none of these fit the bill then users could choose “other”. We have been watching this poll closely for the last two weeks and after over 17,000 votes have been cast, it appears that votes have stopped coming in any notable amount so I think it is safe to declare the Audi A7 as the winner, and crown it “The sexiest car on the road”! Creating a 100% new car is not easy, creating one that captures the admiration of so many readers is a higher accomplishment altogether. Now that is a Bold Design.

Poll Results

Audi A7 3660 (21.4%)
Ferrari FF 3337 (19.5%)
Mercedes-Benz CLS 2467 (14.4%)
Porsche Panamera 2055 (12.0%)
Other 5622 (32.8%)



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