Audi Confirms New Ultra-Premium A8 Derivative

Audi held a big shareholder meeting today. Where it revealed that the company is changing its alignment. Making it a “provider of holistic CO2-neutral premium mobility.” While the transition to slashing the brand’s carbon footprint could take years, the company said that there will be a new ultra-lux A8 derivative.

That’s right, Audi said that the company is announcing that the A8 family is growing. There will be a new model sitting atop the Audi line. One that it’s calling “a new, especially luxurious and prestigious derivative.”

Those are some vague announcements, but their use of the word prestigious might mean a callback from the past.

While the company might need to worry about stepping on the toes of Bentley, as VW stepped on Audi with the Phaeton, this could mean a new brand name. Or, more appropriately, the restoration of an old one.

That’s because of a report that came out last fall. Automotive Newssaid that company insiders told them that there was a new top of the line A8 coming. And that it would get Horch badging. Along the lines of the current Mercedes Maybach, which is an extended S Class, not the previous stand-alone models.

Horch was part of the Auto Union that became Audi, selling luxury cars in the 1920s and 1930s. It would be a fitting badge for a range-topping A8 today.

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