Audi Expects SUVs to Make up Half of Sales by 2025

Audi sales were up last month, but a new prediction says that it won’t be long before SUVs overtake cars for the lion’s share of the brand’s sales volume.

With 785,300 sales between January and the end of May, Audi sales globally are up 6.4 percent from the year before. But 287,000 of those sales were SUVs, making up 36.6 percent. Audi predicts that by 2025, more than half of the brand’s sales will be crossovers and SUVs. In North America, the mix has already turned the corner. 51 percent of sales here were SUVs. The bestselling Audi crossover is the Q5, which saw 125,750 deliveries in the first five months of this year.

Adding the Q8, which is set to go on sale near the end of the year, will help boost the SUV share even more quickly. “This premium SUV is a perfect addition to the full-size segment and is the next coup in our model initiative,” said Bram Schot, board member for sales and marketing at Audi. “Particularly in the core markets China and USA, the car will be an important sales driver and strengthen our market position.”

China continues to be an important market for Audi, with 258,413 sales there. North American sales are up slightly, but poor performance in Germany and France have European sales down just under five percent for the year.


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