Audi USA Hasn’t Yet Ruled Out RS Avants, But They Aren’t Exactly Likely

When the RS4 Avant debuted in Geneva last year, reports that it wouldn’t be offered in America followed immediately. Audi was clear: the RS4 Avant is too niche for America. But that doesn’t necessarily hold for all Avants.

, despite not being keen on the Avants, Audi of America hasn’t ruled them out either. Better yet, according to Filip Brabec, Audi of America’s VP of product management, you could help influence its decision.

“We always look at potential new opportunities in the market. It’s a niche to explore,” Brabec said at the New York International Auto Show. “We keep holding discussions. Keep writing us letters.”

Even Michael Renz, the worldwide head of Audi Sport, told Motor Trend that he can feel the love of wagons from US enthusiasts, but still worries that there aren’t enough of us to warrant a car yet.

And until that day, Audi Sport will be focused on Sportbacks. It was, after all, introducing the brand new RS5 Sportback at NYIAS a car that is particularly suited to the US market and that will launch here.

“The Sportback offers more image than the Avant. There is a clear hierarchy,” said Renz. “The Sportback is for young families who are looking for a sporty, fashion-oriented car with functionality that they can put the kids in. The Avant customer is a little bit older, more entrepreneurial.”

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