Audi USA President Steps Down, Cian O’Brien Takes Over as Interim Leader

Audi president Mark Del Rosso is stepping down from the leadership of Audi’s American division. Audi USA COO, Cian O’Brien will take over as interim president.

Del Rosso has been with Audi for nine years and took over the position of president in November when then president, Scott Keogh, was promoted to the top position at the Volkswagen Group of America.

In his nine years at the head of Audi USA’s sales division, Del Rosso saw new car sales double. In fact, sales did nothing but increase until September of last year, a month before he took over as president.

Although Audi maintains that the decreasing sales had more to do with supply difficulties than it did with the actual product, sales continue to fall (falling more than 20% last month).

Cian O’Brien, meanwhile, will continue to work as COO while he acts as president. Audi USA will continue to work to identify the next president.