Audi USA Sales Rise 7.4% in March

Well waddaya know, Audi’s sales are again in March, though this time they’re up by quite a bit. As compared to March 2017, sales are up more than 7% to 20,090.

As you’d expect, sales were driven by Audi’s range of SUVs, all of which grew in sales last month. the Q3 was up 7%, the Q7 was 15%, and the Q5’s sales grew the most at 25%.

That helped Q5 become the biggest seller in the stables, with nearly 5,500 selling in March.

Audi continues to buck the industry trend by having any growth at all from its sedans. That said, the A5 was the only sedan in the range that grew, though its sales grew by 284%, which economists tell me is known as a “butt load.”

With that, sales of A5s for the year grew to more than 6,000, making it the best-selling sedan in the range, and the third best overall, behind the Q7 and the Q5 (7,500 and 14,000, respectively).

All in, sales are up to 50,000 for the year, making sales nearly 10% better than they’d been at this point last year.

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