Audi Using VR to Train its Techs to Work on e-trons

Along with being an important step forward for the company, the e-tron poses an important challenge for Audi’s technicians. How do you train your mechanics to work without electrocuting themselves?

Luckily, the automaker is using virtual reality to train its techs on how to work on electric cars safely.

“We want to provide our service partners with the best possible support during the transformation towards electric mobility, while digitally aligning our training offering,” says Markus Siebrecht, Head of After Sales at Audi. “This is why we have been working intensively on innovative training concepts for the required qualification profiles. The targeted use of virtual reality is an important building block in this process.”

While gas-powered cars are filled with dangerous fluids, the risk of a sudden calamity happening in an electric car is high. To make sure its service techs are ready for the e-tron as it’s rolled out, Audi has created its own holodeck to train employees to work on high voltage batteries.

By donning a VR mask and using some controllers, Audi mechanics can safely learn how to change a switch box, a battery module, and even just open the battery up. Plus, they can just learn about the car in general, so that when buyers come to them with questions, they’re prepared to answer.

The program is being rolled out worldwide with courses so far offered in German, English, Spanish, and French.