Find of the Day: Auto Union Schnellaster Kastenwagen

Do you have things to deliver but aren’t in a very big hurry? Mein got in himmel have we got the van for you.

You may have thought that that Fiesta delivery van was cute, but the Schnellaster Kastenwagen (which translates roughly to fast truck box van!) will make that Ford look about as cute as a naked mole-rat—that is to say, still fairly cute, but less cute than this kitten-like van.

Built in 1956 by Auto Union’s DKW, the Fast truck box van! is one of only 3,700 to have ever left the factory.

“I doubt many people have seen one of these in their time!” says the excitable Nigel Gough, Classic Car Acutions’ classic car specialist. “This van has so much charm and character.”

It seems, though, that Auto Union was just as excitable as Gough, because despite calling this the Fast truck box van! it only has a top speed of 43 mph. Things moved slower in the ‘50s.

Despite the meandering pace, though, it was still a bit of a pioneer, as it was an early example of a front-engine FWD delivery van. That meant an unparalleled amount of cargo space and generous weight-carrying capacity.

First sold in Zimbabwe (back when it was still known as Southern Rhodesia), the van was then sold in South Africa before being imported to the UK in 2017, where it’s being sold now.

Estimates have it selling for something in the neighborhood of £12,000 to £15,000, which is admittedly not cheap, but imagine your business’s logo painted on the side of it and consider how much that’s worth in advertising dollars. You’d be a fool not to buy the fast truck box van!


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