Find of the Day: Four Audi S1 EKS RX Quattros

The future of Audi in Rallycross is unsure, as defending champion and EKS team principal Mattias Ekstrom is selling four of his team’s 5 rallycross chassis.

The four cars were seen under an awning labeled “Used Car Sales” next to the EKS garage at this weekend’s Loheac Rallycross, where he was inviting other teams to take a look at the car.

Despite having won last year’s drivers’ championship, Ekstrom has long been vocal about his team’s lack of prospects without Audi support. The manufacturer did step in to keep the team competitive, but it appears the support still wasn’t enough to keep competition stiff.

“I don’t know if we will have what it takes to be here next year,” Ekstrom told . “As a driver I would love to continue in rallycross. If I answer as a driver, I can see my DTM career – with Mercedes pulling out – coming to an end in 2018. I would enjoy doing rallycross for a couple more years. But from a team perspective it’s a different story.”

Ekstrom said that if he competes, he wants to win, and this year, despite winning the early rounds of the season, he is firmly in third place in the drivers’ standings, behind a pair of VW drivers. Despite the sale, Ekstrom still won’t say for sure if EKS is pulling out of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, but this isn’t a promising sign for the team.

What is sure for now, though, is that the cars will be sold in an online auction on eBay set to conclude with a live event on September 29. The four cars for sale are being offered either as a group or individually. Ekstrom says, though, that he won’t sell his championship-winning chassis.

“To sell the cars is a little bit difficult, that’s why my car is not for sale,” he explained. “I’m not married, so that’s my wife.”

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