Gone but not Forgotten: The R18 is Coming to iRacing

For all those who can’t afford to spend every waking hour working on and worrying about a race car, then spend every dollar in their bank account getting it onto the track,

Long the home of serious enthusiasts who want simulate the experience of racing, minus the homewrecking expense of it, the game caters to dreamers. And they’ve gotten good at it, bringing the Audi R18 out of retirement.

Audi’s erstwhile WEC contender had its feet swept out from under it when diesel became a bad word, but now it’ll see the tarmac again.

Available on March 6, you’ll be able to race the R18 at Le Mans, if you so desire and take back the crown.

Compared to other racing games like Grand Turismo and Forza, iRacing’s car lineup is relatively limited, so the Audi won’t be racing against its rivals, though the Porsche 919 LMP1 car is coming soon.

This calls for a new challenge video.

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