This is the Limited Edition TT Quantum Grey and its Exclusively Available Online

This may be the last TT, but it can still be the first sometimes. The Quantum Grey Edition Audi TT will be Audi’s first vehicle sold exclusively online.

The special edition TT is limited to just 99 examples and comes with an “express red interior design package” and partial matting of the TT graphic’s clear coat on the outside.

Unfortunately, the 62,000 Euro TT will only be available in Europe where potential buyers will be able to see the car in augmented reality and check out financing deals without any commitments.

“We are garnering experience and learning a lot about user and buyer structures through this pilot project,” said Martin Sander, VP of Global Marketing and Sales.

Through the service, buyers can have the TT Quantum Grey Edition delivered to the place and time of their choosing and can register their vehicle before actually receiving it so that the plates are ready when the car is delivered.

Shoppers can also get help from a customer consultant who will help them navigate the car’s options as well as the service.

Audi insists that online sales are not a ploy to replace brick and mortar dealerships, but rather an addition to its sales network. And starting in early 2020, it plans on using online sales on more and more vehicles.


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