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  • Vorsprung durch Technik can now be experienced through multimedia

Even more attractive, versatile and informative, the Audi Technology Portal is now completely new. The platform is designed especially for journalists and offers extensive multimedia content focusing on Audi innovations and technologies.

The Audi Technology Portal allows users to experience Vorsprung durch Technik through multimedia. The new platform provides a modern and simple-to-operate user interface that contains many trade articles, illustrations and animations on the brand’s technologies. All media are customized for use by print, TV and online journalists, and are available for download.


The Audi Technology Portal is designed to encompass all models and is divided into the following areas: Drivetrain, Electrics/Electronics, Chassis, Body, Mobility for the future and Specials. The latter area covers broadly defined themes, such as the TDI Chronicle. This section presents the 25-year history of this successful efficiency technology in all of its facets, from the ground-breaking five-cylinder unit dating back to 1989 to the engine in the current Le Mans winner, not to mention the electrically driven compressor, which is the most recent TDI technology from Audi.

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