Porsche is Developing an Electric Supercar Platform for Audi

The Group has tasked Porsche with creating a new platform for electric supercars.

According to Automotive News Europe, is set to develop a platform for electric sports cars and supercars, which could possibly be used by Audi and Lamborghini. Reportedly called SPE, it would be the Group’s third purpose-built architecture for full-electric cars.

The new platform could be used to underpin an R8 e-tron replacement, if Audi decides to build another electric supercar. Lamborghini hasn’t been shy about the possibilities of going electric either, recently unveiling the Terzo Millennio concept last November.

The report says a senior Group executive confirmed has been assigned to develop an EV platform “for two-door sports cars and supercars.” It is however, still in the early stages as the first vehicles riding on the platform aren’t scheduled to arrive until after 2025.

Currently, the other dedicated electric architectures from the Volkswagen Group are the MEB and PPE platforms. The MEB will underpin Volkswagen’s upcoming I.D. family of vehicles, and will also be used by Skoda, , and . The PPE platform is being jointly developed by Audi and Porsche and will be used for three EV model families.

In the near future, Porsche is focusing on getting the Mission E to market, its first full-electric car.

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