Report: A3 Lineup to Lose 3-Door Variant, Gain 5-Door Liftback

Despite promising to end the copy-paste design language, apparently has no problem with hitting copy-paste on the model lineup.

that when the A3 gets its redesign in 2019, the 3-door variant will be excised from the lineup, for lack of demand.

That’s not too big a concern for us Americans, who can’t currently buy one anyway, but the move would still be sad in the greater human-family sense, since 3-door hatchbacks are dropping at an alarming rate.

The bigger news in all of this is that the lineup will instead gain a 5-door liftback that could easily come to our shores. This will look a little more like the A5 Sportback, in that it will be a four-door with the lines of a coupe and hatch that opens from above the rear glass.

This, it is being argued, will take on the CLA, whose success can’t be ignored.

Finally, the sedan will stay on, though it will grow slightly, with more leg room in the rear and a bigger trunk, according to Autocar.

As mentioned above, expect the next-gen A3 to debut in 2019.

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