Smashing! Watch the e-tron Hit Walls Well

Conversations about automotive safety are, almost by necessity, kinda boring. The idea is to prevent bad things happening and bad thing are the opposite of boring. Fortunately, crash testing lets us simulate bad things without the consequences, giving us what we all crave deep down inside.

And the latest video released by EuroNCAP of that sweet, sweet simulated carnage is of the Audi e-tron acing its crash tests.


Although Audi has long spoken about the benefits of EV platforms for crashing purposes, this was the brand’s first chance to prove it this generation.

Earning itself five stars, the e-tron earned 91% in Adult Occupant safety, 85% in child occupant, 71% in “Vulnerable Road User” safety, and 76% in safety tech.

Now, EuroNCAP’s tests are only valid for Europe, but a strong result is still good news for Audi.