Start Your Morning Right with the 5 Best Sounding Audi Race Cars of All Time

Road & Track has taken to starting days with a column called “Better than Coffee,” in which they find a video of a car that sounds so good, it starts your day better than coffee. It’s cute and fun. But it is now unnecessary.

That’s because YouTube’s Belgian-Motorsport has released a video with what it’s calling the five best-sounding Audi race cars of all time. And while their initials, BM, are unfortunately close to the result of a morning coffee, the list is anything but.

Naturally, any list will lead to some debate. The very act of listing means something is being left out and someone will be unhappy about that. But I think we can all be happy to hear five Audis whose engines howl tunefully.


The list features, in order of appearance, the 2007 A4 DTM, the 2018 R8 LMS evo, the 1981 80 Coupe, the 1988 200 Quattro Trans-Am, and (what else?) the 1987 Sport Quattro S1 Pikes Peak.

Sure, BM leans in on the 5-cylinder cars, with the final three cars all making use of the engine. And that makes sense, since it’s Audi’s signature engine, though I have always had a soft spot for the jet-powered-tractor vibes of the R18 e-tron.

Mind you, the A4 DTM’s V8 and the R8’s V10 do a pretty good job of showing off what Audi can do when it decides to add a few cylinders.

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