Watch: The Audi e-Tron Testing at the Nurburgring

Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean that the Audi e-Tron should be tested any differently. Like the rest of the lineup, the “first electric SUV,” as Audi has taken to calling it, is on the Nurburgring.

After infesting Geneva and kinda proving itself as a city car, the car is now running laps at the Nurburgring. Which is impressive, because the green hell is as long as it is fast.

Fortunately, the SUV doesn’t just make an impressive 435 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, it’s also good for 311 miles of range (though we imagine that goes down a bit when you’re racing around a circuit).

Despite being a high-riding SUV, the e-Tron is also an Audi, so it manages to handle the corners with some real pace. And you can even hear birds chirping happily in the background to thank the electric SUV for saving the planet.

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