Watch: The Audi RS5 Sounds Good Enough to Wake the Dying

Audi of America wants to remind you that no matter how good your life has been, there’s still a reason to regret death if you haven’t driven the RS5 yet.

In its latest ad, a dying man reflects on his very exciting life. Full of romance, royalty, politics, and intrigue, the man lies peacefully in his deathbed, convinced that he’s ready to shuffle off his mortal coil.

That is, until he hears a passing RS5.

The ad was directed by Aisha Hakim, who told that being tapped to direct this ad was a “pinch me moment.”

“I love when brands step a little outside their comfort zone, it shows such a depth to their ability to commit to the creative,” said Hakim. “Audi really cares about the creative,” she adds, “and they want to be pushed. I absolutely love I can bring a different point of view to them.”

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