Watch: Classic S8 Takes on A8 Diesel and S3 Hot Hatch

Classic super saloon vs modern hot hatch and the new base version of that super sedan. Which one’s going to win in a drag race? Carwow puts the classic D2 S8 up against two brand new performance contenders.

You probably remember the D2 S8 from the movie Roninwhen the guy from Third Watchdemanded “something that could shove” and then said he needed a nitrous system. Since this predated The Fast and the Furiousby three years, he only needed one bottle, but he had the specs.

Anyway, that S8 packed a 4.2L V8 and the aluminum chassis got all-wheel drive. Since this is a 2002m it got 364 hp.

So how does it stack up nearly 20 years on against a diesel V6 base model of the car that replaced it and a current hot hatch? Does the super sedan still rule the road?

Well, it still looks better, but the S3 gets 310 hp and the A8 50 TDI makes 286 hp along with massive torque. The S3 also gets launch control.

We won’t spoil the ending, but we will say the past doesn’t always age as well as you think it does. Enjoy the race. And then re-watch Ronin. You’re welcome.