B8 Audi RS4 sedan renderings

We have posted several articles about the upcoming B8 RS4 from the magicians at quattro GmbH including some really exciting track photos and footage. Unfortunately for us, Audi has not given us undisguised look at the RS4. Thankfully though we are in luck as “Automotive Manipulator” Theopholus Chin has given excellent B8 RS4 sedan renderings to drool over! Please to see the all the renderings in high resolution!

We think that George at is right and we will only be seeing this in Avant form and likely not going to be here in the USA. In addition, one would think that we would have seen plenty of spy shots of a sedan version by now, since the RS4 Avant has been openly tested at the Nurburgring over the last few months. As usual though, only time will tell.




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