Audi A7 and R8 Spyder Selected by Autobytel® as Car and Truck of the Year Award Winners

  • Autobytel® Car and Truck of the Year Awards chosen based on innovation, originality and advancements
  • 2012 Audi A7 selected as Autobytel 2012 Luxury Car of the Year
  • 2012 Audi R8 Spyder chosen as Autobytel 2012 Convertible of the Year
Audi today announced that it is the recipient of two Car and Truck of the Year awards from Autobytel®, the company dedicated to helping consumers research and find the information they need to purchase new and used cars and connect to dealers online. Autobytel selected its 2012 Car and Truck of the Year Awards recipients based on innovation, originality and advancements. The 2012 Audi A7 was chosen as the Autobytel 2012 Luxury Car of the Year, while the 2012 Audi R8 Spyder was selected as the Autobytel 2012 Convertible of the Year.

The  is the epitome of high style and artistry, with a five-door coupe design that is both sporty and elegant. The Audi A7 can also boast being the first car in the world to feature factory-installed Wi-Fi with Audi connect™ and navigation with 3-D Google Earth. From the groundbreaking MMI® touchpad and its gracefully integrated display screen, to the state-of-the-art head up display, the Audi A7 is the perfect marriage of progressive design and sophisticated engineering. The A7 also sets a high standard for performance, handling and efficiency with an all-aluminum Audi 3.0 liter TFSI® V6 engine, 310hp and 325 lb-ft. of torque.

The open top is a favorite with both the public and experts alike. The high-performance sports car from Audi, the R8 Spyder is a high-tech work of art with the formidable power of its engine, the quattro permanent all-wheel drive and its lightweight Audi Space Frame (ASF) body made of aluminum. Good everyday practicality and perfect fit and finish typical of Audi complete the profile of this model athlete. With the standard hydraulic motor, the soft top opens and closes within 19 seconds, even while driving at speeds up to 50 km/h (31.07 mph). The R8 Spyder 4.2 FSI quattro features 430 hp, and the 5.2 FSI quattro features 525 hp.

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