2013 Rolex 24 At Daytona – Friday recap galleries


Photos & Words: Mike Juergens

Friday was a very busy day for us here at the Daytona International Speedway. I started our day with the best seat in the house the race control start-stop stand which is perched 30-feet over the track. It was a surreal experience to look out and see the whole track while the cars are flying around the track underneath. Then I was able to cross off a 2nd bucket list item and take a hot lap of the track in an Audi RS 5. It was really incredible to be able to experience the track first hand and approaching the banking is something that will soon not forget. I ended the day with team photos and dinner with Audi Sport customer racing. They brought the #74 Audi R8 Grand-AM which is used as a benchmarking car and allowed us to sit in it and check out the car without the crowds. On display was the clutches used in the road going car vs. the grand-am car and the changes are pretty incredible. It’s much smaller, stronger, lighter and it removes any damping added to the road car to reduce driveline thrashing. In just a few hours the race will get underway and we will be updating you as the race progresses.

Audi gave us some “if all goes well” figures for the race: 

  • 768 laps, 4329 km (2,689 miles)
  • 30 pit stops, 2190 L (578 gallons) of fuel
  • 20 sets of slick tires (Grand-AM limit)
  • 23h 28m driving time, 32m in pits
  • 64% full throttle (15h 01m in the race)
  • 28 gear shifts per lap, 21,504 in the race
  • 13.9 steering wheel turns per lap, 10,675 during the race
  • 1,523 hp max. braking power (Bus Stop chicane)
  • 8.3 MJ/lap brake energy, 6.37 GJ in 24 hours

Follow the link below to see the galleries from the day:

The view from the Daytona International Speedway Start-Stop Stand:

Hot laps at Daytona:

Team Photos:

Audi Sport customer racing dinner: