Audi R8 LMS GT4 Has World Premiere in New York

Sport debuted the new V10-powered R8 LMS GT4 customer race car today ahead of the New York International Auto Show. The new customer race car, says Sport’s managing director Stephan Winkelmann, is designed for gentlemen racers.

Not quite designed to the same specs as the current GT3 R8 LMS that races in the Pirelly World Challenge, for example, the R8 LMS GT4 is slightly toned version of that racer that’s attainable for privateers.

Sport designed its new car to race in the GT4 series, which may not be familiar to readers. That’s because the European series is only set to be intensively marketed globally next year.

Despite that, the R8 LMS GT4 will make its racing debut at Germany’s famous Nurburgring 24 Hours from May 25 to 28.

“13 racing series in which GT4 models can compete worldwide already exist today worldwide,” says Winkelmann. “Audi Sport GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers offering cars in the GT3 and TCR customer sport categories. Now we’re targeting the GT4 class at exactly the right time. These fast-growing business segments and the DNA shared by our race cars and production vehicles underscore our ambition to become a true global player in the high-performance league.”

Much like the current R8 LMS for GT3 racing, the new GT4 shares many parts in common with the road going R8 V10, and is even built in the same Bollinger Hofe factory. More than 60% of its parts can be found on the road car, including the and the V10 engine.

That engine produces 495 hp, depending on the specification, and the car will be ready to race in America, Asian, Australian, and European series.

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