Event Coverage: 2010 USAudiClub Winter Driving School

The 2010 USAudiClub Winter Driving Event was held on January 30th-31st at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This is a must do event for any Audi owning track junkie. The ice tracks are amazing and car control can be challenging with elevation changes, banked and off camber turns. Staying ahead of your counter-steer and managing your car on the traction limited course is something that never gets old. Excellent instructors and a core group that has been coming to the Bridgestone complex for 17 years made for an entertaining event both on and off the ice. The USAudiClub put on an excellent event and we had many hours on the ice driving for both days. Audis both new and old shod their dedicated snow tires to carve the ice quattro style. Stay tuned for more information on more upcoming USAudiClub events including events at Mid Ohio and the High Plains Raceway this summer. Pics and Video after the jump!


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